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If “Saturdays are for the Boys,” then a weekend in Vegas is for the girls. There is NOWHERE on this earth that I love more for a girls weekend trip than Las Vegas. Throughout this blog post, I will give you my ultimate “girls trips to Vegas pro tips,” such as making friends with the club promoters, knowing where to learn how to gamble, my favorite day clubs and night clubs, and more.

Where to Eat in Las Vegas

The first rule of going on a girls trip? Make reservations. To read about all of my favorite restaurants in Vegas (with the best indoor views and aesthetics), check out my post “The Sexiest Restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip”

But Wait…Aren’t You a Solo Traveler?

In many cases, yes! In fact, the theme of this blog is largely based around solo travel. So why would I be writing a post about taking a girls trip?

As much as I love solo travel, I love taking trips with my friends equally as much. As adults, we are all busy and being pulled in different directions, so taking girls trips doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like. In fact, the hectic world of adulthood is partially why I started solo traveling in the first place! If everyone was busy, I just went by myself!

But make no mistake, there is no one I love on this earth more than my friends. I have been blessed to have some of the most supportive, loving, fierce, strong, smart, talented, and genuine women in my life. I feel so incredibly lucky to have the friendships that I do.

As Martina McBride once said, “this one’s for the girls!” Please know this post is dedicated to all of you 💕.

One of my favorite photos of the Vegas Strip

What Makes Las Vegas My Favorite Place for a Girls Trip?

First, Vegas is always cheaper if you’re a woman (a lot of times, you can get into clubs and pool parties for free!).

Second, the aesthetics of the hotels and the Vegas strip put you in that “girls just wanna have fun” frame of mind (not to mention, it’s the perfect backdrop for flawless vacation photos!).

Third, it’s the perfect place to play dress-up. Personally, I think this is my favorite thing about going to Las Vegas. In terms of wearing ridiculous outfits, nothing is off-limits. Sparkles, sequins, stilettos, red lips, big hair, exotic jewelry…there’s nothing you can’t wear here. As an aesthetic traveler and someone who expresses themself through fashion, I love that Vegas allows me to be creative in this way.

Girls just wanna have fun

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Girls Weekend in Las Vegas

Where to stay in Las vegas

Best Las Vegas Hotels for Girls Weekend

My absolute favorite Vegas hotel is the Cosmopolitan. Their Chandelier Bar just screams “girls weekend!”
Other hotels that I love but have yet to stay at include:

For more budget friendly options, I have stayed at the Mirage and the Flamingo. The Mirage is at the far end of the strip, whereas the Flamingo is more central.

1. Walk Through the Hotels on the Vegas Strip

Walking through the hotels on the Las Vegas strip is hands down one of my favorite things to do when I visit. No matter how many times I’ve been there, it never gets old. I will forever be in awe of the beauty, glamour, and attention to detail that goes into these hotels and casinos.

Of course, there are a ton of hotels to walk through, so if you’re unfamiliar, you may be unsure where to start. No matter what, my friends and I always make sure to walk through The Cosmopolitan, The Venetian, The Bellagio (pro tip: the decor inside changes with the seasons!), and Caesar’s Palace.

The aesthetics and decor inside these hotels make for an endless opportunity of Instagram photos.

♣ The Las Vegas Strip ♣
Some Personal Nostalgia

My very first trip to Las Vegas will always be one of the best trips of my life. I went in 2019, before I had really traveled much or even thought about being a travel blogger. I was going with my best friend, who had been to Vegas multiple times. I knew that Las Vegas hotels were supposed to be really cool, but I don’t think I had any clue what I was about to see.

Our flight was around 5 hours long and landed around 10:30pm (which is 1:30am on the East Coast!). We were exhausted. We both agreed that we were going to get there and immediately go to bed so we could hit the ground running the next day. But when we got to our hotel, the excitement took over.

We stayed out til 4:30 am (7:30 am EST!) running up and down the strip, seeing the hotels, the Bellagio fountains, the entire city lit up at night. For a girl that grew up in West Virginia and hadn’t traveled much, it was love at first sight. I was immediately obsessed. It was one of my favorite nights of my entire life.

As someone who is a creative and imaginative (and LOVES to dress up), I think I love Vegas so much because none of it actually seems real. Every time I go, I am transported to a world where sequins, glitter, high heels and red lipstick are totally appropriate on a Wednesday afternoon. To me, Vegas is the epitome of aesthetic travel.

2. Go to A Nightclub…

Nightlife in Vegas is second to none. The entire strip is essentially one big, glamorous party.

Some of The Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

  • Omnia at Caesear’s Palace
  • TAO Nightclub at the Venetian
  • XS Las Vegas at the Wynn
XS Nightclub
(this was during COVID, so it was a little more low-key than it likely would be otherwise)

Often times, clubs will have big-name DJs as guest performers (my very first time in Vegas, Steve Aoki was performing at the Omnia!). But even when they don’t, their house DJ’s are usually pretty epic.

  • Pro Tip: As much as I love the Cosmopolitan hotel, I’m actually not a huge fan of their nightclub, Marquee. Every time I have been there, the DJ has played strictly house music, which is not usually my vibe. I would rather go somewhere that played rap/R&B that I could sing and dance along to. The DJ at their day club (also called Marquee) was much more my style.

You are able to get a Las Vegas Party Pass that gives you exclusive access to events at multiple different clubs, so you have options for where to go. Or, you can try to go the club promoter route, which is what I usually try to do.

A lot of times, you will see club promoters on the street advertising events or performances at the nightclubs they work for. One of the (many) perks of being a woman in Las Vegas is you are usually the target audience of these club promoters. In other words, they can get you on the guest list (and usually give you your first drink) for free. If there is a certain club that you want to go to, you would have to find a promoter that worked for that particular club.

  • Club Promoter Pro Tip: If you find a good club promoter, save their information in your phone to use for the next time you go. Chances are, they will be able to hook you up next time too!

♣ Las Vegas Nightclubs ♣
Some Personal Nostalgia
(and a Pro Tip)

My very first time in Las Vegas, my best friend and I lucked into getting into Omnia when Steve Aoki was playing at the very last minute. A club promoter spotted us hanging outside the venue, debating on whether we wanted to go in or not, and ended up hooking us up with a “skip the line” VIP pass and a free drink. I was floored. This was one of the biggest DJs in the world, and the line was a mile long!

I still don’t know how we got this lucky, but I would be willing to bet it had something to do with our vibe that night. We were still riding the high of feeling so happy to be there, and we knew that no matter what happened, we were going to have a good night. I really think the club promoter that we met picked up on our positive, genuine energy and did us a favor.

The takeaway? Having a good vibe and positive energy will get you very far in life, even somewhere as superficial as Las Vegas. At the end of the day, we are all human. I really think the more genuine, positive vibes you send out into the world, the more good things will come back to you.

3. …But Also, Go to a Day Club

Dayclubs in Vegas are essentially one big pool party with enough alcohol to make your forget how gross the pools probably really are (seriously…does anyone actually get out to pee?!). I actually like dayclubs more than nightclubs for multiple reasons:

First, you’re at the pool, it’s hot, the music is hot, you & your friends are hot…does it get any better?

Second, day clubs are the best for meeting people because a lot of people are pleasantly buzzed and therefore more relaxed and open to having fun. I have met of the most hilarious people at day clubs and had the best time partying with them. If you don’t have any plans that evening, you are sure to have them by time you exit the pool.

Third, the vibe of a dayclub is just so much fun. You can talk to people, you can swim, you can dance, you can drink, you can eat, you can take SO many Instagram photos, etc!

Similar to nightclubs, a lot of times, you can meet a club promoter who can get you and your friends in for free. Keep in mind, this is just free admission; it costs extra to get a table and even more to get a cabana. You can sit on the lounge chairs for free if there are any available. But hey, who’s to say you won’t make friends with a bachelor party that lets you share their alcohol?…

Some of The Best Day Clubs in Vegas

  1. Encore Beach Club at The Wynn/Encore – this one frequently has celebrity guest performers and DJs. IMO, it is the best one, but can get pricey!
  2. TAO Beach Club at The Venetian – Asian-themed club with dancers and sparkler-lined champagne bottle service (you have to pay extra, obv)
  3. Marquee Beach Club at the Cosmopolitan – Not as flashy as the other 2, but had great music!
There’s nothing like a Vegas pool party!

4. See a Male Revue Show

My friends and I have been to 2 male revues now: Magic Mike and Thunder From Down Under. We all agreed Magic Mike was 1000x better. Are they both a little corny? Yes…but Magic Mike had more surprises and much better dancing. Maybe I was just at TFDU on a bad night, but I did not think the male dancers were coordinated at all (and as someone with a dance background, I’m going to judge you, no matter how hot you are).

Magic Mike in Las Vegas

5. If a Male Revue Isn’t Your Thing, See Another Show or a Concert Instead

You’ve heard the rumors, and I can attest that yes, concerts and shows in Vegas are on another level.

I saw Usher in concert when he had his Las Vegas residency, and just know that I can die happy. Everything about it was incredible – the dancing, singing, theatrics, and the way he interacted with the crowd. It was probably the best show I’ve ever seen (although, I haven’t seen the Eras Tour yet, so ask me again in a few months which show is my all-time favorite).

Usher in Las Vegas

Aside from Usher and male revues, I’ve never seen another type of show in Vegas. However, my friends have gone to more of them and these are the ones they’d recommend:

Must-See Shows in Las Vegas

  1. Absinthe (the undisputed favorite amongst EVERYONE I talk to!)
  2. The Beatle’s LOVE by Cirque du Soleil
  3. “O” by Cirque du Soleil
  4. Mystere by Cirque du Soleil
  5. Honestly, pretty much anything by Cirque du Soleil
  6. Lake of Dreams (previously Le Reve)

6. Go Shopping in the Hotel Stores

One of the things I love about shopping in Vegas is that you have so many options to find things that are “Vegas appropriate” and also affordable. Yes, you will have a lot of high-end designer stores like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but there are also boutiques inside some of the hotels that are more moderately priced.

If you are in need of a “Vegas dress” (in other words, sparkles, sequins, the works), I have had luck in a few stores at The Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood. A lot of the stores there are typical name brand stores (think Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, etc.), but if you head towards the back of the shopping area, there is a store called Jolie Paris, along with some others, that sell sexy dresses, skirts, and tops.

Another place I have found luck is Paradiso at The Mirage. In addition to glamorous Vegas dresses, I bought a jean jacket with sparkly fringe there last time that I’m obsessed with.

If designer stores are more your vibe, you’ll find the majority of them inside the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Aria, and the Venetian.

7. Have a Spa Day

I LOVE a good spa day, especially somewhere like Vegas where all the hotels and their amenities are fabulous. The only problem is, like everything else in Vegas, they tend to be expensive.

My friends and I have gone to the spa at the LINQ hotel multiple times because it is on the less-pricey end and still really nice. I have had really good massages every single time I’ve gone here. We usually like to save this for the day before we leave (or, if we have a late flight, the morning that we leave), because it’s the best thing to relax you before getting on the plane.

8. Get Themed Shirts Made and/or Wear Coordinating Outfits

If you’re planning your girls trip around a birthday, bachelorette party, or other special event, you could go all out and get shirts made for the occasion. If you think shirts are too tacky, you can coordinate your outfits in another way.

Ideas for Girls Weekend Outfits

  • Have everyone wear the same color dress in a different style
  • Do a “wig night” where everyone dresses in black but wears a different colored neon wig
  • Pick a theme: Gatsby, Western cowgirl, Taylor Swift, Old Hollywood, etc.

I even saw an Instagram video where this group of girls dressed up as “Their Type” – in other words, the type of guy they liked or were attracted to, and went out clubbing. I’m talking fake beards, fake chest hair, army pants, football jerseys, gold chains, du-rags, the works. It was one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen.

9. Try Your Luck at Gambling

I’ll be the first to admit, I am NOT a gambler when I go to Vegas…although I have been known to try my luck at the slot machines a few times! If gambling isn’t your thing, there is still no harm in taking $20 and putting it in one of the slot machines. It takes absolutely zero knowledge or effort, and you can say you took part in one of the most Las Vegas things to do. You never know, you might walk out hundreds of dollars richer than when you arrived!

My best gambling win

As you can imagine, gambling in Vegas is pretty serious business. It’s practically what this city was built on, after all! (Okay, it was founded by railroad workers, but Las Vegas became what it is because the workers liked casinos and showgirls!).

Anyway – my point is, if someone in your party isn’t an experienced gambler, you might get a few dirty looks from the people at the Craps or Russian roulette tables who are there to win serious money. Especially in games like Blackjack, you can screw everyone at the table over if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  • Pro Tip: A lot of times, casinos will give you free drinks if you gamble, especially if you are sitting at one of the bigger tables!

All of the major hotels on the Vegas strip have casinos inside of them. They remind me of Candy Land for adults, except with alcohol and cigarette smoke. There are a lot of lights, sounds, and people in well-made suits running the tables.

I have been lucky enough to go with a group of girls who has at least one person that knows how to gamble. But if you don’t, a good way to learn is to hit up Fremont Street, aka “Old Vegas.” Fremont Street was the birthplace of what we know as Las Vegas today, and has much older looking hotels, restaurants, buildings, etc. The casinos here will usually have a lower “minimum bet,” meaning that you have to bet less money to be able to play.

  • Pro Tip: Fremont Street can be a little wild, but in a different way than the Vegas strip. You probably won’t spend a ton of time here, but I think it’s something everyone should experience at least once.
Fremont St. aka “Old Vegas”

10. Go ATV’ing

**Disclaimer** – I have NOT done this, but really, really, REALLY want to…

In case you didn’t know, Las Vegas is actually situated in the middle of a huge desert. It just happens to be a little more flashy than the rest of the desert.

If you and your friends aren’t afraid of a little dirt, you have the option of experiencing this part of Nevada for yourself and going ATV’ing in the middle of the desert! Make sure to bring old clothes and shoes, as you are afraid to come back with a little more mud and dirt on you than when you left!

The following tours are highly rated options that I would book if I was going to do this in Las Vegas:

11. Take a Helicopter Ride Over the Grand Canyon

**Disclaimer** – I have NOT done this, but 2 of my best friends did it and absolutely loved it

In case you didn’t get enough of the desert from ATV’ing (or, if you want a different view of the desert!) you are able to take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. My 2 friends did this a few years ago and raved about how fun it was!

My friends also said that it only took a few hours to do, so if you wanted an activity that you could do during the day that would still allow you time to get ready for a night out on the strip, this would be perfect! Please know, it is pricey, but they said it was absolutely worth it.

Thank you, Katie/Dami for letting me use this photo!

Check out the following links below for some highly rated helicopter tours from Las Vegas:

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