About This Section

The Resources section of my website is one that I’m looking to really expand in 2023. It will soon be filled with everything that I deem a “travel necessity” and provide information to help in every aspect of trip planning.

My Favorite Travel Apps and Websites


  • app
  • app
  • Agoda app
  • Priceline app/website
  • Google maps (search for a hotel here and you are able to view prices on different websites!)
  • website (for short “day stays”)

City Transit/Maps/Transportation

  • Citymapper app (great for navigating larger cities via subway, bus, rail, etc,)
  • Transit app (great for navigating public transit systems in larger cities)
  • Google maps app
  • inRoute app (allows you to map out multiple destinations at once)
  • Uber/Lyft app (transportation)
  • Turo app (transportation)
  • Omio app (for European transportation)
  • Via Rail Canada website (for Canadian trains)


  • Google flights (
  • Southwest app (note – Southwest does not come up on Google Flights, so I search their app)
  • Hopper app (gives you suggestions to book now or wait depending on flight trends)
  • easyJet app (for European flights)


  • Resy app (reservations)
  • Open Table app (reservations)
  • Google Translate app (language)
  • Amazon photos (unlimited storage space for photos **Prime members only**)
  • GoCity app (great way to explore city attractions and save money)
  • Wanderlog app (the ultimate trip planning app where you can have everything in one place)

The Best Ways to Get Around Big Cities

  • New York City, NY – Take the subway and/or walk
  • When it comes to public transportation, NYC’s subway system is unmatched. It runs 24/7 and can take you anywhere in the city you want to go.
  • NYC is also one of the most walkable cities in America
  • Cabs, Ubers, & Lyfts are abundant, but often times can take much longer than the subway.
  • Los Angeles, CA – Rent a car
  • Depending on your plans, you could possibly get by with Ubering everywhere, but it would likely cost you just as much if not more.
  • Unlike NYC and Chicago, LA is not set up like a “grid” and therefore is much less walkable
  • While LA has a metro system, it is not nearly as built up as other cities of its size
  • LA is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the USA, but keep in mind you may not be able to get everywhere you want to go this way.
  • Chicago, IL  Take the subway, aka the “L,” and/or walk
  • The L routes are organized by color, and the Blue Line and the Red Line operate 24/7.
  • The Orange Line will take you to and from Chicago Midway Airport (about ~30-45 minutes if you’re staying in the city)
  • Like NYC, Chicago is laid out in a grid setting and extremely walkable
  • Las Vegas, NVWalk the Vegas Strip
  • Call an Uber if you’re staying at the far end of the Vegas Strip and need to go to the other end, or if you decide you want to check out Old Vegas (aka Fremont St).