The Aesthetics: Hotels


I Love Exploring Hotels!

Many travelers will tell you, “your hotel that you stay in doesn’t matter…you are only in your hotel to sleep!”

I am not one of those people.

Aesthetic” is my favorite word in the English language. I believe the aesthetic of a place can be presented in many ways, whether it’s through architecture, food, fashion, or the overall landscape.

One of the questions that I get asked the most often is “where do I stay in (city)?” I’ll confess, I love this question, as it sets the stage for one of my favorite aspects of traveling: the art of choosing, discovering, and immersing myself in hotels.

This section highlights some of my favorite hotels around the world that I love recommending to my readers. As I travel solo, every hotel I choose becomes a chapter in my adventure, a reflection of the city, a piece of my narrative.

Boutique Hotels

I have a deep affinity for boutique hotels because of their unique ability to create an intimate connection with their guests. IMO, what sets them apart is their unique charm, charisma, and aesthetic.

Of course, I always read the hotel reviews – and in fact, I have written a few hotel reviews myself! I never stay anywhere that doesn’t have good reviews.

My Favorite Boutique Hotels – United States & Canada

Hotels are organized alphabetically by city

My Favorite Boutique Hotels – Europe

Hotels are organized alphabetically by city

5 Star Luxury Hotels

A 5-star hotel earns its prestigious rating through a meticulous combination of exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and culinary excellence. From personalized guest services to well-appointed, spacious rooms with high-quality amenities, every detail is crafted to meet and exceed expectations.

I love getting to showcase 5 star hotels. Some of these places make you feel like you stepped into another world!

Some of my Favorite 5 Star Luxury Hotels

Hotels are organized alphabetically by city