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What to Bring to the Eras Tour in Europe

Taylor Swift kicks off the European leg of her Eras Tour in May 2024. Make sure you’re prepared with these must-have items!

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Shop the Solgaard Carry-On Closet

I’m thrilled to announce I’m one of the newest brand ambassadors for Solgaard! Solgaard created the Carry-On Closet, which won TIME magazine’s Best Travel Invention of the Year.

Simply put, the Carry-On Closet is a built-in closet within a suitcase that features 5 compressible shelves that help you stay organized when you pack. Once you get to your destination, simply hang your “closet” up!

Using the Carry-On Closet has saved me so much money in baggage fees AND helped me fit more clothes into a smaller space. Click the link below to view all available colors.

My Travel Essentials

Shop European Travel Adaptor Plugs

If you’ve never been to Europe, you may not know that their outlets look WAY different than ours. In order to survive in today’s modern electronic world, you’ll need to have a universal power adaptor. The two on each end are more specific to certain European countries. The middle adaptor can be used worldwide, but ONLY contains USB ports!

Type C Adaptor

Works for most of Europe; does NOT work in the United Kingdom or Ireland

Worldwide Universal USB Adaptor; Types C/G/A/I

***Important*** – this has USB ports but NO plug ports!

Type G Adaptor

Works in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Pro Tip: Europe operates on a much higher voltage system (~220 volts) than the United States (~120 volts). These plug adaptors are solely used to fit the different looking outlets in Europe. They DO NOT double as voltage converters.
What does this mean?: Your phone charger, laptop charger, etc. are generally safe. Most people run into problems with their hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. I have linked my favorite dual-voltage hair
tools below.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dual-Voltage Travel-Size Hairdryer

Dual Voltage Curling Wands and Straighteners

I have included 2 cheaper options and 2 more expensive options below, all of which are highly rated. The cheaper options can be used as a backup to your everyday curling wand/straightener when you travel. The more expensive options can be used if you want to invest in a single product that you can use at home and overseas.

Conair Double Ceramic 1-inch curling wand

Herstyler Colorful Seasons Ceramic Flatiron

L’ANGE HAIR Le Spirale Titanium Hair Curling Wand ~$66.25

L’ANGE HAIR Le Ceramique 1-Pass Flat Iron Hair

cabeau Evolution S3 Travel pillow (with case)

Shop the World’s Top Rated Travel Pillow

  • Memory foam design with seat strap system provides relaxation and support
  • Straps wrap around headrest of plane seat to secure your head and neck in place
  • Raised side supports prevent lateral movement or “bobblehead”
  • Flat back ensures perfect spine alignment, relaxes your back, and releases tension that overstrains neck and shoulder muscles
  • Pillow compacts to half its size in an included compact case that attaches to backpacks or carry-ons for critical space saving

Shop My Favorite Travel Makeup Products

These are the products I use at home AND when I travel! I have a foldable makeup case that I use on an everyday basis and can easily pack in my suitcase. I keep the beauty products that I use most often in here so I always have them available. This saves me so much time when I pack because I don’t have to go through my makeup and figure out what to bring.

My Favorite Makeup Products for Face

My Favorite Makeup Products for Eyes

My Favorite Makeup Products for Lips

My Favorite Makeup Tools and Brushes

The Best Makeup to Take on the Airplane

Don’t want to do your makeup but also don’t want to look like death when you arrive at your destination? My go-to is a sunscreen, primer, face tint, and concealer. All of these items are small enough to be easily tossed in to your carry-on, purse, or tote bag!
Pro Tip: I have zero shame in doing my makeup in airport bathrooms. A lot of times, I will throw these essentials in my tote bag and apply them after I’ve checked in.

Material Girl – My Favorite Hat Brand

I truly believe that fashion is transformative. An outfit or style has the power to elevate your mood and bring you positive energy. Additionally, I believe someone’s personal style/aesthetic is the highest form of self-expression.

Hats from Gigi Pip

My very first Gigi Pip hat (pictured here) is still my favorite hat I own to this day. I love the unique color, the way it fits, and how I can dress it up or down. Everywhere I go, I receive a ton of compliments and always have people ask me where it’s from. I love knowing that it is a quality piece and will last me a lifetime.

– click to shop gigi pip hats –