The Aesthetics: Restaurants, Bars, & Coffee Shops

Aesthetic” is my favorite word in the English language. I believe the aesthetic of a place can be presented in many ways, whether it’s through architecture, food, fashion, or the overall landscape.

This section highlights some of my favorite bars and restaurants throughout the world that have incredible food & drink but also a stunningly beautiful atmosphere/aesthetic. The photos are grouped by aesthetic and ordered alphabetically by city. The name of the bar or restaurant will be placed in the caption, along with the city & state (or country).

Moody/ Romantic/ Mysterious

Characterized by dark interiors, dim lighting, and a vibe that is somehow alluring, mischievous, and intimate, all at the same time.
These are the places you go when you want to fall in love, impress others (or yourself), or maybe, when you want to escape reality and be somebody else – the mysterious stranger dressed in black, sitting alone. People want to know your secrets, but you’ll never tell. Your ability to keep them guessing is your power move.

Featured Cities:

Amsterdam, Netherlands ✣ Barcelona, Spain ✣ Chicago, IL ✣ Las Vegas, NV ✣ Los Angeles, CA ✣ Madison, WI ✣ New York City, NY ✣ Québec City, Canada ✣ Sedona, AZ ✣ Toronto, Canada ✣ Washington, DC

Feminine/ Girly/ Enchanting

Characterized by bright colors, soft, feminine touches, and whimsical decorations, these are the places you go to be with your girlfriends.
It’s the nights of endless laughter, tears of joy, and clinking of champagne glasses. It’s the heart to hearts, the tough-love pep talks, deciding you’re full but you still want to split dessert. The moments you stop and wonder how you even survived before you met these people. These are the places for the friendships you can’t imagine your life without, nor would you ever want to.

Featured Cities:

Chicago, IL ✣ Georgetown, DC ✣ Las Vegas, NV ✣ Los Angeles, CA ✣ Madison, WI ✣ Mykonos, Greece ✣ New York City, NY ✣ Paris, France ✣ Washington, DC

Rustic Chic/ Neutral/ Rustic Elegance

Characterized by string lights, brick/wooden interiors, and vibe that is simple yet refined, these are the places you go when you want to hang out and have a good time.
It’s where a small-town girl goes to after she’s moved to a city, because it somehow feels like home. It’s the people who are incredibly beautiful yet incredibly down to earth. Sitting in the warm glow of the Edison bulbs, you somehow feel mysterious yet content. It’s strange, but it makes perfect sense. This is when two worlds collide: elegant yet humble, graceful yet distressed, simple yet stunning. Who says you can’t have everything?

Featured Cities:

Brooklyn, NY ✣ Morgantown, WV ✣ New York City, NY ✣ Toronto, Canada ✣ Washington, D.C.