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Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world and a place that I love to talk about. Every time someone asks me about Barcelona, they inevitably ask me where I recommend to eat. In fact, I get this question so much that I had to devote an entire blog post to the best restaurants in Eixample (and as if that’s not enough, I have an even longer list of restaurants in the Gothic Quarter).

If you’re visiting Barcelona, you’re likely spending the majority of at least one full day in Eixample. Eixample is the “new” part of the city and is known for its wonders such as Casa Batlló and La Sagrada Familia. Many of the restaurants that I write about here are close to Passeig de Gracia, the main street running through this part of the city.

I could go on, but you’re starving, and I’m just typing away. I won’t distract you any longer! Here are all of my favorite restaurants in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood:

Faborit Cafe at Casa Amatller in Barcelona, Spain
Intrigued? Scroll to #3 to read more about this cafe!

The Best Restaurants in Barcelona’s Eixample Neighborhood

1. El Nacional

Website: El Nacional
What I Got
: Too much food to even remember, if that tells you anything.

I put El Nacional first on the list because out of all the restaurants in Eixample, it’s the one I just have to put you on. It’s located down an alleyway right off of Passeig de Gracia and is a place I recommend to everybody.

Chances are, if you are walking around the Eixample neighborhood and ask for food recommendations, someone will mention El Nacional to you. It’s basically 4 different restaurants and 4 different bars, all under one roof. And the aesthetics!!! Don’t get me started.

The restaurants are comprised of La Braseria, La Llotja, La Taperia, and The Stop. Each has its own unique menu, space, and vibe. The bars serve beer, cocktails, wine, oysters, and small bites. I love it as a solo traveler, but it’s also the perfect place to bring a group, because there’s something for everyone.

2. Miss Simona

Website: Miss Simona
What I Got
: Smoked salmon toast + their burrata & tomato salad

Miss Simona is located right near La Sagrada Familia and is the perfect place to stop and eat before or after you visit this church (because lets be honest, I know La Sagrada Familia is on your list!). They are known for their brunch and encourage you to tag them + their beautifully presented food & drinks on social media.

Brunch at Miss Simona; Barcelona, Spain
Miss Simona

If you get here later in the afternoon, Miss Simona also has a wide variety of tapas. They also have outside seating which is perfect for sipping your mimosa and people watching.

  • Pro Tip: La Sagrada Familia – and therefore Miss Simona – is about a 20 minute walk from the main street in Eixample. Although this area is *technically* still considered the Eixample neighborhood, know that it is a little bit out of the way from the other places I mention here.

3. Faborit Coffee Shop & Chocolate Store at Casa Amatller

Website: Faborit Coffee Shop in Casa Amatller
What I Got
: Their mancerina de chocolate

If you read my Barcelona itinerary post, you know I talk about getting the mancerina de chocolate at Casa Amatller. Once home to chocolatier Antoni Amatller, this cafe serves soups, sandwiches, smoothies, and more, but they’re known for their melted chocolate with a side of bread for dipping.

Chocolate at Casa Amatller; Barcelona, Spain
The mancerina de chocolate at Casa Amatller

In addition to going to the cafe, you are also able to tour Casa Amatller if you wish! It is conveniently located right next to Casa Batlló, which is one of the most famous buildings in Barcelona and one that I absolutely recommend touring.

For a full list of Barcelona activities, check out this link from Get Your Guide below:

4. Vinitus

Website: Vinitus Barcelona
What I Got
: A variety of tapas + churros & chocolate for dessert

Vinitus is known for having arguably the best tapas in Eixample, and I have to admit they’re pretty freaking fantastic. When I got there, I was greeted by a large handful of people waiting outside to be seated; however, you should know a huge perk of being a solo traveler is that you can almost always find a seat at the bar. 😉

I may be biased, but the bar was the best seat in the house. I got a front row view of a lot of the food options because many of them were laid out in front of me behind the glass.

Vinitus; Barcelona, Spain
Ending the night with churros + chocolate at Vinitus

Known for their mediterranean-inspired tapas and wine, Vinitus has a lot of really fresh, lighter options along with heavier things like sandwiches, meats, and desserts. If you’re on the fence, the bartenders/servers are on their game with the food rec’s. Oh – and they also sang Country Roads to me when I told them where I was from – it doesn’t get much better than that.

5. Joséphine

Website: I could not find an official website for Joséphine at the time of this post
What I Got: Chocolate croissant and cappuccino

The first time I visited Barcelona, I went to Joséphine almost every day for a light breakfast (usually a chocolate croissant and cappuccino) before setting out to explore the city.

Coffee and croissant at Josephine; Barcelona, Spain
Spain but it’s giving Paris

If you’re thinking, “that sounds very Parisian of you,” well, you’re correct. This cafe is “giving Paris,” but also serves tapas, pasta, meat and fish. There’s a small patio if you wish to sit outside, and the inside is sleek and modern with black accents and an almost retro-looking bar.

Josephine in Barcelona, Spain
Joséphine Barcelona

6. Cerveceria Catalana

Website: At the time of this post, their website is under construction
What I Got: Different tapas (tuna tartare, veggies with shrimp, and wine)

Cerveceria Catalana is located right near Passeig de Gracia and – like many Spanish restaurants – is known for its tapas. Coming here was a “game-time call” for me: I was wandering down the main street in Eixample, overwhelmed with food options, and this place just happened to catch my eye. After a quick glance at their 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor and another glance at the massive chandelier hanging in their main dining room, I was sold.

Cerveceria Catalana; Barcelona, Spain
What drew me in in the first place…
Cerveceria Catalana; Barcelona, Spain
…and what kept me around

Cerveceria Catalana has “tapas of the day” – so ask your server for rec’s! They also have a list of bestsellers and classics. Much like the other Spanish restaurants listed, their wine list does not disappoint.

  • Pro Tip: If you’re a wine drinker, Spain is known more for its red wines than whites; however, they are especially known for their cava, which ironically is a white wine/champagne hybrid.

7. Lateral Consell de Cent

Website: Lateral Consell de Cent
What I Got:
Smoked salmon on toast, burrata salad, cava

Okay…before we get into the food I just HAVE to say it: the aesthetics. There’s pink cushions, wallpaper with flowers, and a retro-yet-modern looking bar. I was in love the second I stepped in and even more in love after eating there.

This restaurant, like many of the others I mention, is tapas focused. And you can’t go wrong. They have traditional recipes as well as common dishes that they put their own spin on. And of course, the wine and cava are perfection. If you plan on going, know that I’m already jealous of you.

Lateral Consell de Cent; Barcelona, Spain
Lateral Consell de Cent

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