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Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities in the world for its vibe, its nightlife, its aesthetics, and especially its food. The food scene in Vegas is hard to beat. Combine top-tier culinary experiences with a dimly lit, romantic atmosphere and you’ve got the sexiest, most romantic Las Vegas restaurants on the strip.

As always, the places I mention here have excellent food and a phenomenal atmosphere. Sure, the view of the Vegas strip is gorgeous, especially at night, but don’t sleep on the interior design of these restaurants. All of the restaurants I mention here are located inside Vegas’s legendary hotels, and walking through the hotels is an experience in itself. This blog post covers the sexiest restaurants in Las Vegas with the best food and stunning indoor aesthetics.

Standing at the entrance of CATCH Las Vegas inside the Aria Hotel and Casino
Curious what restaurant this is? Keep scrolling…

As an aesthetic traveler (and, okay, a very girly person), one of my favorite things to do is get dressed up for a night out in Vegas. The vibe of these restaurants is dressy, sexy, and glamourous. But don’t think that they’re all the same. Ohhh no. If there’s one thing I can tell you about being a woman, it’s that sexiness comes in all forms. Some of these restaurants are more boldly seductive; others are more girl-next-door sexy. You’ll see what I mean if you keep scrolling. 😉

  • Pro Tip: All of the places I mention in this post are wildly popular; make sure to make a reservation
  • (Another) Pro Tip/My Humble Opinion: Last time I visited Sin City, I had a drink at Vanderpump Vegas, Lisa Vanderpump’s Las Vegas restaurant. As gorgeous as this place was, I was underwhelmed with my experience. IMO, I thought her Los Angeles restaurants, SUR and TomTom, were 10x better; therefore, I did not include her restaurant in this post.

Website Disclaimer: I most recently visited Las Vegas in July 2023. Although everything is accurate as of the publication of this post, it is important to keep in mind that prices, attractions, and other things may change with time.

The Sexiest Restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip with the Best (Indoor) Views

Mott 32

Location: The Palazzo/Venetian (on the Palazzo side)
Website: Mott 32 Las Vegas

Mott 32 is an upscale Asian restaurant with dim sum (including soup dumplings), meats and seafood, and a wide variety of vegan options. It is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Las Vegas. If I’m going with someone who has never been to Vegas before, I always make sure to take them here.

Mott 32 restaurant in the Venetian/Palazzo, Las Vegas, NV
Mott 32 – Las Vegas

Mott 32
❧ Some Personal Nostalgia ❧

The first time I ever came to Mott 32 was also my first time in Las Vegas. This was about 2 years before I decided to become a travel blogger. I hadn’t traveled much or been exposed to a lot of culturally diverse food, and so I had absolutely NO idea what to order. Our server, Valentino, was incredible with recommendations and explained everything we had questions about on the menu. The service, along with the food, is one of the reasons I recommend Mott 32 to everybody.

The light fixtures and cage-like design around the ceiling is giving sexy torture chamber vibes. Imagine if Megan Fox was a restaurant. Yes, it’s that attractive. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you may have seen it featured in the “Moody/Romantic/Mysterious” section of The Aesthetics: Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops.

  • Pro Tip: They are known for their Applewood Roasted 42 Days Peking Duck, which has limited availability. If you or anyone in your party wants to try this, pre-order ASAP.

Beauty & Essex

Location: The Cosmopolitan
Website: Beauty & Essex Las Vegas

Beauty & Essex is a speakeasy hidden behind the door of an unsuspecting pawn shop in the Cosmopolitan hotel. Let me be so clear: I LOVE a good speakeasy. They always give sexy prohibition-era vibes, making you feel like you’re somewhere you aren’t supposed to be but in the best way. Cue “I Did Something Bad” by Taylor Swift.

The unsuspecting pawn shop entrance of Beauty & Essex; Las Vegas, NV
The unsuspecting pawn shop entrance of Beauty & Essex

You can sit at their glamorous Pearl Lounge, or choose to eat in one of 2 jewelry-box themed dining rooms.

Along with the O.D.B. (my favorite cocktail here), Beauty & Essex makes one of the best espresso martinis I’ve ever had. Their food menu features unique shareable plates as well as larger portions. I love their shareable plates, so I usually opt to come here with my friends for drinks and a 4pm snack before a glamorous night out.


Location: Aria
Website: CATCH Las Vegas

CATCH is another restaurant with upscale Asian influences featuring sushi and small plates. The aesthetic here is the complete opposite from Mott 32, the other Asian restaurant that I mentioned earlier. Whereas Mott 32 was dark and mysterious, CATCH is ultra feminine with flowers, lights, and secret garden vibes. If Mott 32 was Megan Fox, CATCH is Paris Hilton meets Lisa Vanderpump.

Oh, and btw – CATCH has the coolest, most Instagrammable entrance of any of the restaurants on this post, as evidenced below:

CATCH – Las Vegas, NV

Although still technically an Asian-inspired restaurant, they are less traditionally Asian than Mott 32. They serve sushi and sashimi, but also have mushroom spaghetti, lobster mac & cheese, and waffles (if you’re there for brunch). They are known for their dessert called the Hit Me Cake, which features a Klondike bar on top of a brownie and devil’s food cake, plus ice cream.

TAO Restaurant Las Vegas

Location: The Venetian
Website: TAO Restaurant Las Vegas

TAO is an Asian restaurant in Vegas with other locations across the country (I am also a huge fan of their Chicago restaurant and nightclub!). The menu features sushi, sake, dim sum, small plates, meat & seafood, and other traditional Asian dishes. Oh, and there’s a giant Buddha statue in the middle of the restaurant.

  • Listen, I promise to give you more than just Asian restaurants in this post, but the level of Asian cuisine in Las Vegas is just too good. And besides, I think you should have the best of everything. /shrugs

TAO is the girl who can do it all. Restaurant, night club, pool party/day club…you name it, TAO does it and does it well. I have been to their restaurant and both clubs and would recommend all of it. If you really wanted to, you could make a whole night of it and dine here then roll right into their nightclub afterwards. Dress accordingly 😉.

  • TAO is the one restaurant on this post I did not get a picture of. Maybe it was too much wine, maybe I was too busy eating, maybe I just forgot. No, I never forget photos. It was one of the former options. Regardless, it’s beautiful and you’ll love it 😘


Location: The Venetian
Website: CHICA Las Vegas

CHICA is a Latin-American inspired restaurant with neon lights and colorful graffiti lining the walls. The aesthetic is girly yet grungy, and you know I love some dualities. Similar to TAO, they have other locations throughout the US, but I have only been to their Vegas one (they are also located in Aspen and Miami!).

Chica Las Vegas

One of the coolest things about CHICA is they have an everyday brunch menu. I am not a huge fan of Mexican food for breakfast, but I know a lot of people are so I’m just trying to put y’all on.

My friends and I went to CHICA for dinner during our last trip to Vegas, and we all unanimously said it was one of our favorite places. We each got something from the “Mains’ list on their menu and then also ordered a few small plates to share. If you’re a spicy marg girl like me, ask for a spicy version of their Paleta. (I was tempted by the Jalisco Old Fashioned, but mezcal + Reposado sounds like I’d be throwing up later. Have you tried it? Is it as strong as it seems? LMK your thoughts in the comment section!)

Chica – “The Food Pic”


Location: The Bellagio
Website: Sadelle’s Las Vegas

Sadelle’s is different from the other restaurants on this post in that she’s more girl-next-door sexy. She’s the lady in the street that you just have to get to know…and once you do, phew. She’s incredible. But just like any good woman, she’s also hard to get. In other words, make a reservation.

Sadelle’s is known for their brunch menu. In fact, Harper’s BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan magazine both named them an Essential Brunch Destination. They are only open til 3pm from Sunday-Thursday (hours extend til 11pm on Fridays & Saturdays). Despite their extended weekend hours, I’m still going to tell you to stick to tradition and come here for brunch. They are known for their sticky buns and bagels, and their smoked salmon tower is 10/10.

Sadelle’s – Las Vegas, NV
Vegas Restaurant Pro Tip

The Garden Table inside the
Bellagio Conservatory

The Garden Table at the Bellagio creates a unique dining experience for guests that features unique menu items from Sadelle’s Bellagio culinary team.
This private table is located in a gazebo right across from Sadelle’s restaurant entrance.
The table can accommodate up to 6 guests for brunch and 4 guests for dinner. Make sure to book in advance!

Mon Ami Gabi

Location: The Paris Hotel
Website: Mon Ami Gabi Las Vegas

If Sadelle’s is girl-next-door sexy, Mon Ami Gabi is chic, Parisian sexy. The main dining area when you first walk in is more dimly-lit with a darker interior, which gives me “little black dress” vibes. From here, you can make your way to their sunroom, which is encased in floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Past this area, you will find their outdoor patio, a fan-favorite for people watching and enjoying the (over 100 degree) Vegas sun.

Part of the main dining room leading out to the sunroom.

Along with Sadelle’s, Mon Ami Gabi is one of the top go-to restaurants for brunch in Vegas. I have been on multiple girls trips in Vegas, and every single time, we make a reservation here. I’m a huge fan of their eggs Benedict, while always being tempted by their waffles and French toast. Their mimosas are made with all-natural purees in strawberry, mango, peach, and raspberry flavors, so go ahead and order a bottle for the table. It won’t go to waste.

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