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For many people, coffee is a religion, obsession, necessity, and the one thing that makes getting up at 5am slightly more bearable. Morgantown and coffee go hand-in-hand for me, because this is the town that got me addicted to it in the first place. (That sounds like a negative connotation, but it isn’t. I LOVE being an avid coffee drinker.) Want to get to know the best coffee shops in Morgantown, WV a little better? Keep reading…

When I was in college and wanted to find coffee, I knew I had to go to the ONE lone Starbucks across from the Health Sciences Center. Since I graduated (and I refuse to say how long ago that’s been), Morgantown has absolutely exploded in terms of quaint, adorable, locally-owned places to get your caffeine fix. Although all places listed in this blog post are different, the one thing the best coffee shops in Morgantown, WV all have in common is their charming aesthetic, friendly atmosphere, and obviously, really good coffee.

For the Black Coffee Drinkers

Four of the places in this list – Stone Tower Brews, Mountaineer Roasting Co, Quantum Bean Coffee, and The Coffee Tree Roasters – all roast their own coffee beans. If you like your coffee like I like my winter aesthetic (ahem – black), I have listed the best roasts for black coffee drinkers in each of these sections below.

The Best Coffee Shops in Morgantown, WV (in my humble opinion)

Stone Tower Brews

Neighborhood: Star City
My go-to order: The entire menu. I have tried a different thing every time I’ve come here, and will list my favorites below
To view the Stone Tower website, click here

Stone Tower is the newest coffee shop on this website, but it has quickly become the fan favorite of many Morgantown locals. Maybe it’s the coffee creations, maybe it’s the all-day breakfast menu, maybe it’s the way they make such a large seating space somehow still feel cozy with plush chairs and high back banquette booths. Regardless, whenever someone comes to town to visit and wants coffee, I always take them here.

Stone Tower has an incredibly diverse menu, but that’s part of what makes them so popular. They have a ton of speciality lattes along with featured coffee drinks. This is also the first place I have ever tried a matcha latte, and have since became addicted. Their food menu features all-day breakfast along with things you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a coffee shop, like pork tacos and quesadillas. It’s the creativity for me. Oh – and the “Brews” in their name isn’t just for coffee – they also serve locally brewed craft beer too!

Stone Tower Brews in Morgantown, WV
Stone Tower Brews

My favorite orders (so far) from Stone Tower Brews:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled egg bowl with sautéed peppers/onions, turkey sausage, and jalapeños
  • Lunch/Dinner: Pork tacos; Full Moon salad w/ grilled or shredded chicken
  • Coffee Drinks: Mothman Mocha with oat milk, Brown Sugar latte with oat milk (made less sweet), Nitro cold brew
  • Matcha Drinks: Iced lavender vanilla matcha latte with oat milk (made less sweet)

Fun Fact: Although Stone Tower is new to Morgantown, it’s not new to the state! The OG Stone Tower is located in Fairmont and is actually named “The Joe.” This is where the coffee is roasted! Eventually, the owners wanted to keep the roasting part separate, so they created the name Stone Tower Brews for their subsequent coffee shops.

In addition to Morgantown, there are Stone Tower Brews located in Buckhannon, WV, and Bridgeport, WV. The Joe has since kept its name, but the menu is the exact same as the one at Stone Tower.

Stone Tower Brews

Best Roast for Black Coffee Drinkers

  • Recently, STB came out with a roast simply titled “Regular Coffee” that they recommend to black coffee drinkers.
  • This coffee has sweet, balanced, berry flavors and has quickly become a fan favorite!

Mountaineer Roasting Company

Neighborhood: Suncrest
My go-to order: Oat milk cappuccino + breakfast sandwich with avocado
To view the Mountaineer Roasting Co. website, click here

I know I wasn’t the only person screaming with excitement when I heard Suncrest was finally getting an independently owned coffee shop. Mountaineer Roasting has quickly become a fan favorite in the community, thanks to their amazing coffee, great location, and friendly staff. They specialize in light roasted coffee, with the 1863 house blend being their best seller (this is my favorite drip coffee, AND probably the only coffee on Earth that I could drink black!).

The menu at MRC contains pour over coffees and espresso drinks served hot or iced, along with teas and a featured seasonal drink. The owner, Rusty, believes cappuccinos are the perfect espresso beverage (and I would agree!), but flavored lattes are a fan favorite and one of their most popular items. MRC roasts their coffee in house, and you are able to buy bags of your favorite beans to go (note: they sell whole beans, so if you don’t have a grinder, ask for it to be ground before leaving!).

Speaking of selling, their coffee is at different wholesalers and national parks throughout the state, and they are always looking to expand! This is good news for people who don’t live in the Morgantown area, as there is a likely chance MRC coffee is sold at a location near you!

Mountaineer Roasting Co.

But it doesn’t stop at just coffee. They recently added beer and wine to their menu, along with a small food menu that goes until 4pm. The beer is a mix of local and national craft brews with a rotating selection, so you get to try different beers from different places throughout the year! For food, try the avocado toast and a latte made with macadamia nut milk, or if you’re in a hurry, grab a container of overnight oats from the fridge to go. Oh, and ahem – they won Food & Wine Magazine’s 2022 award for Best Coffee Shop in West Virginia!

Mountaineer Roasting Co.

Best Roasts for Black Coffee Drinkers

  • 1863 House Blend
  • Ethiopia Washed Roast
  • Guatemala Washed Roast

The Grind

Neighborhood: High St./Downtown College Campus
My go-to order: Oat milk cappucino + chocolate chip muffin
To view The Grind website, click here.

I once heard someone refer to The Grind as the “dive bar coffee shop,” and I mean that in the best possible way. The Grind has an artsy, eclectic vibe that draws in people from all walks of life. The aesthetics/decor is one of my favorite things about this coffee shop: the bright teal walls, cartoon-esque artwork and the multiple mismatched light fixtures hanging from the ceiling is something I would NEVER think to put together, but it just works. It’s one of my favorite places to come in, sit down, and just enjoy my coffee. I love sitting at the long, counter-height tables that span both sides of the restaurant. It’s located right at the top of High St. and is the perfect place for college students to relax and get caught up on homework.

Inside The Grind coffee shop in Morgantown, WV
The Grind

In their espresso drinks, they rotate between a featured dark and a light roast espresso. If you like specialty coffee, the Milky Joe and maple latte are 2 fan favorites. In addition to coffee, they offer a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, along with bagels and other sweets. They have different flavors of muffins, but I haven’t made it past the OG chocolate chip (I’ll get there, I promise). However, if you want pastries or muffins, my advice is to get there early. When they run out, you’re SOL til the next day.

Inside The Grind coffee shop in Morgantown, WV
The Grind

Terra Cafe

Neighborhood: Star City
My go-to order:
Breakfast: Smoked salmon bagel with fruit.
Lunch/Dinner: I rotate between the roasted vegetable salad and ham & cheese panini
Coffee: They have a featured coffee of the week, so I switch up my order here quite a bit (and haven’t been disappointed)
To view the Terra Cafe website, click here

Full disclosure: Terra Cafe is more of a full-blown restaurant than a coffee shop, but I love coming here for coffee so much that it had to be included. Although they stop serving breakfast at 10:30 am, it doesn’t feel wrong to just pull up a chair and drink a cup of coffee while working at the bar at any time of the day. In addition to drip coffee and espresso, they feature a different specialty coffee drink each week, along with a Zodiac sign-themed coffee drink of the month (I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Taurus season 😉).

Inside Terra Cafe in Morgantown, WV
Terra Cafe

If it’s too late in the day for coffee, Terra Cafe also serves wine, along with beer from local breweries (Chestnut Brew Works, Short Story Brewing Co, and Weathered Ground, to name a few!). Their food menu is known for having food that is “fresh, local, and made from scratch,” so you can feel good that you are supporting a local business AND local farmers. On Saturdays, they have burger night, which features a different specialty burger each week. Make sure to also check out their Sunday brunch and try one of the weekly featured crepes or eggs Benedicts (or, get their smoked salmon bagel with fruit – I am a HUGE fan). Grab a seat at their outdoor patio with string lights…oh – and the entire cafe is dog friendly!

Blue Moose Cafe

Neighborhood: High St./Downtown College Campus
My go-to order: Trying the specialty coffees!
To view the Blue Moose website, click here

If I go to High Street solely for coffee now instead of alcohol, does that mean I’m old? Don’t answer that. Blue Moose is one of the “OG” independently owned coffee shops in Morgantown, which speaks to its fan base in the community. I remember it from when I was a student, and it was serving up coffee long before my days of frequenting High Street (iykyk). They have an incredibly loyal fan base of customers, some of which come in every day!

The Blue Moose has featured speciality lattes of the week (spiced ginger snap, brown sugar cinnamon, and caramel mocha, to name a few!), but sometimes they’re so popular that they’ll run out before the week is over! The baristas create the unique speciality drinks, which is the main focus of the coffee shop, along with featured baked goods (cinnamon apple scones! Nutter Butter cookies!). The pastries are outsourced from local bakeries, but eventually, they are going to start baking in-house. Besides pastries, other breakfast items consist of bagels, fruit bowls, and granola bowls. At the time of this post, there is NO lunch menu.

The Blue Moose Cafe in Morgantown, WV
Blue Moose Cafe

Located near the downtown WVU college campus, the clientele consists largely of students and professors. The vibe is similar to The Grind in the sense that it is very artsy, laid back, and LGBQT+ friendly. Local artists have their artwork hung up throughout the cafe, and some of it is available for purchase! Oh – did I mention it’s also dog friendly? Stop in and you’ll see why they’re one of the longest-running coffee shops in Morgantown, WV (FYI – they close at 2pm daily, so make sure to swing by before then!).

River Birch Cafe

Neighborhood: Waterfront
My go-to order: A cappucino and any of their açaí smoothie bowls
To view the River Birch Cafe website, click here

The first thing you’ll notice about River Birch Cafe is the neon pink light in the shape of a coffee cup on the wall when you walk in (or, maybe that’s just me who notices it). If pink isn’t your thing, you can still come for the green. In other words, there are decorative plants everywhere. And the menu is just as good as the interior. They have a variety of espresso drinks, along with unique and healthy tea/root lattes (matcha, chai, and beetroot, to name a few!). They even serve locally-made kombucha! You can also get your coffee to go and take a walk on the rail trail – a Morgantown walking/biking trail that is located right next to the cafe.

Inside River Birch Cafe in Morgantown, WV
River Birch Cafe

River Birch Cafe has a breakfast menu that features açaí bowls and creatively-topped toasts, along with breakfast burritos and flatbreads. You won’t find many of your “traditional” breakfast options here, but that’s what makes it good and unique! For lunch, they have a variety of sandwiches, salads, and flatbreads. Try the Breakfast Flatbread with whipped cream cheese, eggs, potatoes and meat, or the DejaBlue salad with pears, grapefruits, pecans, and blue cheese. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a smoked salmon bagel (one of my favorites!)

  • Bonus: in addition to some creatively non-traditional foods, they also have creatively non-traditional names! You can order a “Call Me an Uber” açaí bowl, which features ‘ube’ root! (Normally, I only say “call me an Uber” during brunch after I slammed too many mimosas 🤭….)

Annie’s Coffee and Creamery

Neighborhood: Cheat Lake
My go-to order: Oat milk cappuccino with either a chocolate muffin or chocolate chip cookie
To view the Annie’s Coffee & Creamery website, click here

Say the words “Apple Annies” to any Morgantown native, and they will undoubtedly start gushing about their baked goods (specifically, the cookies). Annie’s Coffee and Creamery is their spinoff coffee shop and features the cookies, coffee, and other bakery items everyone knows and loves, along with hand dipped and soft serve ice cream. They recently launched a new breakfast menu (running from 8am-12pm) that consists of croissant sandwiches, French toast sticks, yogurt parfaits, hashbrown dippers, and bagels (including signature loaded bagels!). If you love coffee AND desserts, this will be your place.

But the reason people love Annie’s goes WAY beyond the food and drinks they serve. The baristas treat their customers like family and really make a conscious effort to know everyone’s name, face, and order. The staff also loves to get creative with the different syrups (they have over 25!) and can likely make you any coffee creation you can dream of. If you’re overwhelmed by all the options, ask for something out of the “Surprise Me” jar: The baristas write down their unique creations they come up with, stick them inside, and customers will pick from the jar. Think of it like a trust experiment, or better yet, high school chemistry class…except, one you actually WANT to go to.

Inside Annie's Coffee and Creamery in Morgantown, WV
Annie’s Coffee & Creamery

Annie’s also serves holiday themed drinks along with quarterly seasonal drinks (but if your favorite drink isn’t in season, just ask – the baristas will still make it for you!) Grab a chocolate chip cookie along with a campfire s’mores latte or try one of their ice cream flavors and enjoy the cozy atmosphere (for real – they have a fireplace. It’s so cute).

  • Bonus: The same family that owns Annie’s Coffee & Creamery also owns San Marzano Italian Market next door! While Annie’s is focused mainly on serving coffee, sweets, and breakfast items, San Marzano features lunchtime sandwiches, soups, and salads. They also carry a variety of wines, olive oils, and other Italian delicacies for purchase!
  • Annies Coffee & Creamery, San Marzano, and Apple Annies are all closed on Sunday!

The Coffee Tree Roasters

Neighborhood: Westover (but based out of Pittsburgh, PA)
My go-to order: Cafe mocha with oatmilk (ask for it in a mug – they’re adorable)
To view the Coffee Tree Roasters website, click here

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you know that I love a rustic aesthetic – and Coffee Tree Roasters just might take the award for my favorite coffee shop interior ever. The wood paneling, Edison bulbs, greenery, fairy lights…I know, I know, you came here for the coffee info, but let me have my moment. Or at least, don’t get your coffee to go. Bring your book or laptop, order your latte in one of their artsy mugs, and thank me in the comments.

Speaking of lattes, the coffee is, of course, phenomenal. In addition to your usual espresso and hot beverages, they also have Nitro cold brew and featured seasonal drinks that are crafted up in Pittsburgh. For food, there is a dessert case with pastries and sweets, many of which come from the Pop Shop (a local bakery) and Castleman Bakery (an Amish bakery in Deep Creek Lake, MD). For real – try the donuts! You can purchase the coffee beans in store, but if you aren’t local, their website also allows you to purchase coffee beans online in addition to syrups and accessories so you can create your own coffee bar at home.

Inside Coffee Tree Roasters in Morgantown, WV
Coffee Tree Roasters

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this coffee shop any more than I do, I find out that it is mother-daughter owned, and the stars aligned for it to come to life. The owner has always wanted to have a coffee shop, and is hoping to branch out and work with local artistries, vendors, and small business owners to help promote the community. Check them out on Facebook and IG, and be on the lookout for collaborations featuring local talent soon!

Inside Coffee Tree Roasters in Morgantown, WV
Coffee Tree Roasters

The Coffee Tree Roasters

Best Roasts for Black Coffee Drinkers

  • Tanzania Peaberry
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Melaku
  • Columbia Abuelo
  • Mocha Java (has chocolatey notes!)

Quantum Bean Coffee

Neighborhood: South Park
My Go-To Order: Currently making my way down their specialty coffee list, but the White Rabbit and Mocha Speziato are 2 of my favorites so far
To view the Quantum Bean Coffee website, click here

You know that a place is good when you pull up and the line to order is practically out the door. This was the case the first time I came to Quantum Bean Coffee, and I knew it would be worth the wait (and it was). I was super impressed with their menu of signature coffees and expertly paired flavors. They roast all their coffee in house, and the drip blend that is on tap changes seasonally. They also have bags of their different coffee roasts and coffee accessories available for purchase.

The “not coffee” menu at QBC is almost as long as their coffee one, with Fairy Brew (a matcha latte with lavender syrup and blueberry rooibos tea) and London Fog (tea latte with Earl Grey, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk) being fan favorites. Some other “not coffee” options include chai tea, hot chocolate, and kombucha from a local source.

The drink menu at Quantum Bean Coffee in Morgantown, WV

Although the focus is mostly on speciality coffees, QBC serves a small selection of baked goods and sandwiches from Venerable Bean Bakery, all of which are vegan. They are also dog friendly, which is a great excuse to stop by mid-walk to hang out and grab a cup of coffee (fyi – there’s not a ton of space for seating, but it adds to the quaint vibe!). Come in and see why Quantum Bean Coffee was not only voted Best of Morgantown multiple years in a row, but (along with Mountaineer Roasting) has also won Food & Wine Magazine’s Best Coffee Shop in West Virginia award!

Quantum Bean Coffee

Best Roasts for Black Coffee Drinkers

  • QBC recently held a blind coffee tasting, and for black coffee, there was no clear winner! Many different roasts appealed to many different customers. In other words, come try them all, and discover your favorite!
  • If you’re on the fence, Relativity (their signature house blend) and Entanglement (their house espresso blend) are good places to start.

Zeke’s Breakfast & Bakes

Location: High St./Downtown College Campus
My Go-To Order: Salted caramel latte with oat milk

Zeke’s is another place on this list that is more of a restaurant than a coffee shop, but I am including it because I love their coffee, breakfast, and staff. They have an espresso menu with hot and iced coffee options, along with tea, chai and hot chocolate. They feature a different bagel, pastry, and drink each day, and their regular breakfast menu has everything from waffles to huevos rancheros to a chicken biscuit plate. Located right on High St., it is the perfect place for students to stop in after class for a quick bite.

Zeke’s used to be closed on Sundays, but they are now starting to do a 3 course Sunday brunch the last Sunday of each month that features different drinks, pastries, entrees, and desserts. I went to the very first one they had and would definitely go back. Keep an eye on their social media for dates & times, and don’t forget to make reservations!

A lattee and pastries at Zeke's Breakfast & Bakes in Morgantown, WV
Zeke’s Breakfast & Bakes

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