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Want to discover the best restaurants in Sedona, AZ? IMO, planning a trip to Sedona involves knowing the best hikes, the best things to do, and the best food. All the places on this list, I have tried at least once…and many of them, more than once! Keep reading to discover the best restaurants in Sedona, AZ!

Mariposa; Sedona, AZ
My drink at Mariposa

Sedona is one of my favorite places on this earth, and the food in Sedona is some of the best I’ve tried. I love that you can find some heavier options to refuel after hiking, but there are also plenty of places for healthier, lighter meals too. My favorite food here is anything that is Latin-inspired. Seriously…give me allll the chips and guac!

A lot of the more health-conscious restaurants pride themselves on serving vegan, non-GMO, low glycemic foods. The organic options are endless. You just hiked a 4 mile trail AND you’re eating an all-natural protein shake with smoked salmon toast afterwards? We are SO healthy right now. *snaps fingers*

What Kind of Food is Sedona Known For?

  • Mexican/Latin/Southwestern-inspired dishes – Since Arizona is on the Mexico border, it’s probably no surprise that this entire state is known for this type of cuisine
  • Wine – Sedona is part of the Verde Valley wine trail; jump to my winery recommendation here!
  • Grills and steakhouses – From ranches to saloons, it’s giving wild wild West
  • Vegan/healthy food – you’ll hear a lot of restaurants boast “all natural, locally sourced food.” Although a lot of meals in Sedona can be hearty, it’s nice to know there are places with lighter, healthier options! Healthy food aligns with the “wellness” vibe that Sedona is known for.

Sedona: Foodie Pro Tip

Food in Sedona is amazing, but it’s also expensiveee. Whole Foods has an incredible self-serve bar that I always hit up when I come here. Think fruits, veggies, protein, and more. I get some containers of fresh, healthy food in case I get hungry mid-day and keep it in my AirBNB fridge. Not only is this so convenient, but I save a lot of money doing this. I actually look forward to my Whole Foods run every time I come to Sedona. Now that you know how lame I am, let’s talk about what you actually came here for: the restaurants!

10 of the Best Restaurants in Sedona, AZ

1. Elote Cafe

Visit the Elote Cafe website here

Elote is my absolute favorite restaurant in Sedona and arguably my favorite Mexican restaurant ever. So, it’s only fitting that we start here! Their spicy marg is probably the best I’ve ever tried. It’s not on their menu, but just ask them to make you one. They will. And they’ll make it with the perfect amount of spice, tequila, and flavor.

In terms of food, I have tried their guac, goat cheese balls, lamb tacos (they were on special), pork carnitas, Mexican chocolate pie, and flan dessert. You really can’t go wrong with anything. I plan on coming back and eating my way through their entire menu.

  • Pro Tip: The carnitas are build-your-own style; similar to fajitas, except without as many toppings
  • (Another) Pro Tip: If you get the Mexican chocolate pie, ask to have ice cream with it

If my opinion isn’t enough, Elote Cafe has 4.7 stars on Trip Advisor and almost 2,000 reviews. So, it’s kind of a must-do. “Elote” is a type of Mexican street corn, and if you haven’t guessed, it’s on their menu and you should probably try it. I mean, if it’s worth naming your entire restaurant after, it has to be pretty good, right? (Spoiler alert: it’s incredible.)

Elote Cafe, Sedona AZ
Lamb tacos at Elote

2. Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill

Visit the Mariposa website here

Mariposa is my favorite restaurant in Sedona when I want to be fancy. It’s the perfect place to dress up and go out after a long day of hiking. I loved everything about it – the food, the drinks, the views, the vibes, all of it. The owner and executive chef, Lisa Dahl, is famous for creating some of Arizona’s best restaurants.

I should point out that this restaurant is Latin inspired grill, which is to say they don’t serve your traditional Mexican dishes that you would expect when you hear those words. Their menu is largely centered around more meat and seafood dishes than chips and guac. Think non-traditional Latin. I tried the diver sea scallops and the grilled octopus off of the tapas menu and loved both. Oh – and their signature Mariposa drink – essentially a spicy marg – is amaaaaazing.

Mariposa - Sedona, AZ
Mariposa – Sedona, AZ

Pro Tip: Mariposa is one of the prettiest restaurants I’ve ever been to. For more of my favorite aesthetic restaurants throughout the world, check out “The Aesthetics: Restaurants, Bars, & Coffee Shops”

3. Coffee Pot Restaurant

Visit the Coffee Pot Restaurant website here

Named after Coffee Pot Rock which can be seen from the restaurant, Coffee Pot Restaurant is famous for its 101 different kinds of omelettes. Yes, they are that creative. Hopefully choosing which omelette to try will be the hardest part of your day (although, don’t ask for my opinion, because I got pancakes. Gotta carb load before hiking!). Ask to sit out back in their patio section, and sip your coffee while sitting amongst the string lights.

Coffee Pot Restaurant is open from 6am-2pm every day, making this the perfect place to grab an early breakfast before your hike. According to their website, they do NOT take reservations. If you get there during peak morning hours, expect to have to wait a bit for a table.

Coffee Pot Restaurant; Sedona, AZ
Coffee Pot Restaurant – Sedona, AZ

4. Butterfly Burger

Visit the Butterfly Burger website here

Butterfly Burger is the sister restaurant to Mariposa, also created by Lisa Dahl. If you haven’t already guessed, they specialize in burgers with unique ingredients and toppings like charred pineapple, burrata, truffle gouda, and 4 Roses bourbon. They also have burgers with Mahi Mahi, chicken, and veggie burgers if you aren’t into red meat.

I got the Funghi Sublime (their 2018 champion burger!) with sweet potato fries and have zero regrets. Much like Mariposa, the stylish interior, modern décor and vibrant atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying your meal.

  • Pro Tip: This restaurant is a little bit outside the city center; about 20 minutes from West Sedona.
Butterfly Burger; Sedona, AZ
The bar at Butterfly Burger
Butterfly Burger; Sedona, AZ
Burger & sweet potato fries

5. Secret Garden Cafe

Visit the Secret Garden Cafe website here

The Secret Garden Cafe is quite the hidden gem in Sedona. Located in Tlaquepaque Village, the aesthetic is giving “lush green garden.” I love coming here for brunch and sitting amongst the flowers and trees, and then roaming around Tlaquepaque afterwards.

SGC serves lunch and dinner too, but I’m a slave to their pancakes. Their quiche is apparently legendary, but I haven’t made it that far. I’m working on it, I promise. Try it and tell me what you think in the comments!

Their menu combines Mediterranean and Southwestern flavors, and their cocktails are named after popular Sedona hiking trails.

Pancakes at Secret Garden Cafe; Sedona, AZ
Secret Garden Cafe – Sedona, AZ

6. Page Springs Cellars

Visit the Page Springs Cellars website here

Since Sedona is known for its wine, you know I had to include a winery in this list. Page Springs Cellar is about 15 minutes outside of Sedona, but the views, food, and hospitality from the staff at this winery are worth the time in the car. Nestled along the banks of Oak Creek, this family-owned winery specializes in Rhône-style wines crafted from grapes grown in their estate vineyards.

I did the mixed red & white wine tasting on their outdoor patio overlooking the vineyard and loved it! You can even take a tour to learn about the winemaking process. Their menu offers French cuisine that compliments your wine, and they even have a “wine pairing key” to let you know which wine goes best with which meal.

Reservation are NOT required at Page Springs, but if you have a big party, it’s recommended. At the time of this post, the winery is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so there’s no excuse not to check it out!

7. Casa Sedona Restaurant

Visit the Casa Sedona Restaurant website here

Located in the Casa Sedona Inn, Casa Sedona Restaurant is known for its vibrant Southwestern cuisine and beautifully plated dishes that highlight fresh, local ingredients. I was lucky enough to grab a spot on their back patio, where I spent my time soaking up the views of the red rocks as I was waiting for my food to come. Seriously, it was such a cute spot!

I got their eggs Benedict “Sedona Style,” which is smoked salmon, brie cheese, avocado and poached egg on toast. It was incredible, and just the right amount of food. I also loved their coffee, and my waiter made sure my cup was never empty!

Casa Sedona Restaurant; Sedona, AZ
Casa Sedona Restaurant; Sedona, AZ

8. Rene Restaurant and Wine Bar

Visit the Rene Restaurant and Wine Bar website here

Rene Restaurant and Wine Bar is a romantic restaurant also located in Tlaquepaque Village. As soon as I saw “wine bar,” I was down. We’re in the Verde Valley, rememberrrr? This restaurant is perfect for a special occasion, and if you don’t have a special occasion, just create one. That’s what I did. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Most of the menu is very French/Mediterranean, although the pasta sounded too good to pass up. I got their gnocchi with sausage, peppers, and spinach and I was obsessed. Normally I can’t find gnocchi at restaurants that were as fancy and full of effort as this one. I was stuffed by the end, but please don’t think I denied myself their gelato sampler. You get 3 different flavors, and the calories are worth it. Just hike 2 trails tomorrow.

Rene Restaurant and Wine Bar; Sedona, AZ
Rene Restaurant and Wine Bar; Sedona, AZ

9. Wildcraft Cafe

Visit the Wildcraft Cafe website here

Wildcraft is a farm-to-table organic cafe in Sedona. Their food isn’t just good, but it’s also good for you, which is why I love coming here. They use no processed sugars, GMOS, fillers/preservatives, or artificial flavor enhancers. Their menu changes with the seasons, so you’ll just have to keep coming back to see what’s new! I tried the banana protein pancakes and the smoked salmon toast, and while I loved both, the pancakes were my favorite.

  • Pro Tip: This is a great little cafe to come and do some work if you need to…in fact, it’s where I’m currently writing this blog post!
Smoked salmon toast at Wildcraft Cafe; Sedona, AZ
Smoked salmon toast
Banana protein pancakes at Wildcraft Cafe; Sedona, AZ
Banana protein pancakes

10. Synergy

View the Synergy website here

Okayyy so Synergy is technically more of a coffee shop than a restaurant, but we all need to have a go-to coffee shop in the places we visit, right? Right.

Synergy serves everything from coffee and herbal elixirs to raw chocolate, small bites, and CBD. They also have a selection of boutique wellness products. Their ingredients are all 100% organic, and they use no cane sugar. Gotta love the health benefits!

The ingredients in some of their coffees and elixirs are intriguing (immune supportive mushrooms?…dandelion root?…pine pollen?), but it’s all very Sedona. I got the Dandy Cold Brew and thought it was one of the best cold brew coffees I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and will give you energy for all your hikes!

Synergy - Sedona, AZ
Synergy – Sedona, AZ

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